The "COR1 Observers Log" are updated daily by Bill Thompson, and they represent a top-level view of COR1 activity and data return from each spacecraft.


The "COR1 Preliminary Events List" was generated by O. C. St. Cyr prior to September 2007, and is being maintained now by Hong Xie. It represents the next level of detail. Events from both the Behind and the Ahead spacecraft are noted. Entries include the number of images obtained each day, and over what time span. The time and rough location of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are noted, as well as potential events (CME?), downflows, polar jets, stars, possible space debris (likely to be flaking MLI), etc.

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MC-CME Master Table for Solar Cycle 23 & 24

Comparison of flux rope structures among solar source regions, CMEs in the corona, and MCs at 1 AU, using STEREO, SOHO, and SDO measurements over two full solar cycles of 23 and 24 (cf Xie et al., 2021).

Joint COR1, COR2 and C2 CME catalog

To properly evaluate the field of view, instrumental effects, and projection effects, the observations from COR1, COR2 and LASCO coronagraphs are inspected separately and joint CME lists are constructed for five time periods, where LASCO is treated as a single instrument for the visibility function work but events in C2 and C3 are compared (cf, Section 3.2.2 in Vourlidas et al., 2020, submitted to Apj).

Preliminary CME Rate Plot

This is a preliminary CME rate plot for both STEREO A and B counts/day (duty-cycle corrected) vs carrington rotation thru 2021-11 (A) and 2014-09 (B). The plot will be updated periodically.

2009 Preliminary CME Rate Plot

This is a preliminary CME rate plot based on a review of the STEREO SECCHI COR1 images. The rate (about one CME every two days) is indicative of solar activity minimum conditions. The plot will be updated periodically.


CMEs detected and measured in the SOHO LASCO instrument are catalogues by Seiji Yashiro and can be seen at: