SECCHI Coronagraph ICAL
The STEREO Science Center (SSC) is the single website for information concerning operation of the payload, access to the space weather beacon data, and access to the full resolution data:
COR1 is part of the SECCHI (Sun-Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation) led by Dr. Russell Howard of the Naval Research Lab, Washington, D.C.:
The LASCO suite of coronagraphs on the ESA/NASA SOHO spacecraft continue to operate from their vantage point at L-1:
The SOHO web site has a complete listing of meetings of interest to solar and heliospheric scientists:
The American Geophysical Union is the primary professional organization for scientists engaged in solar and space physics:
The American Astronomical Society's Solar Physics Division is another professional organization for solar physicists:
Study of the Sun and its various interactions with planets is the new science now known as "heliophysics". The NASA science division for spacebased projects in this field is: