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This page describes the SECCHI archive setup at the Goddard Space Flight Center, and how to configure your computer to access the data. There are two main sites to consider:

GSFC domain

The SECCHI data are exported (read-only) via NFS by the computer "gs671-hifi". Two NFS links are required on unix workstations:

  • /stereo_a/stereo1 -> /service/stereo1
  • /stereo_b/stereo2 -> /service/stereo2

It's very important that these appear under "/service" to make the logical links work correctly.

Once the NFS links are established, one can define the following environment variables:

  • setenv SECCHI_LZ /service/stereo2/stereo/ins_data/secchi
  • setenv SECCHI_BKG /service/stereo2/stereo/backgrounds

IMPACT, PLASTIC, and SWAVES data are also available under /service/stereo2/ins_data.

NASCOM domain

There are six NFS filesystems that one needs to consider:

  • soho-arch00:/vol/newstereo/stereo2 -> /service/stereo2
  • soho-arch00:/vol/newstereo/stereo3 -> /service/stereo3
  • soho-arch00:/vol/newstereo/stereo4 -> /service/stereo4
  • soho-arch00:/vol/stereo/stereo5 -> /service/stereo5
  • soho-arch00:/vol/secchia -> /service/stereo5/ins_data/secchi/L0/a
  • soho-arch01:/vol/secchib -> /service/stereo5/ins_data/secchi/L0/b

Note that the SECCHI volumes are mounted over the stereo5 mountpoint, and that the SECCHI-B data use a different server name.

Although there is a logical link from stereo2 to stereo5, having the mount points appear within /service as shown above is not so critical, since the SECCHI data are completely self contained. The environment variables can then be defined as

  • setenv SECCHI_LZ /service/stereo5/ins_data/secchi
  • setenv SECCHI_BKG /service/stereo3/stereo/software/backgrounds

The SECCHI_BKG environment variable should no longer be needed, since the files are also within the SSWDB tree. IMPACT, PLASTIC, and SWAVES data are available under /service/stereo2/ins_data.